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Tales of ancient prophecies (2014)


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Heroes of mighty magic (2016)


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A new dawn is rising again
His glory will shine forever
Spreading the wings in his den
With power he takes to the sky
With fire he roars 'cross the plain
His legend will live forever
The kingdom below is his reign
The spirit will never die

Born in ancient times of tyranny
Magic powers summon wings of steel
Eternal fire lights our destiny
Magic spells of fire broke the seal

We will stand by his side
Magic wings we will ride
Like a mighty flame
Over forest and hills
Thunder strikes when he flies
There is lightning in his eyes
The enchanted dragon of wisdom

He came to our land long ago
He told us to fight forever
His powerful words in our mind
Commanding us to be brave
In darkness and times of despair
We'll be his knights forever
There is no need for prayer
He'll stay here once and for all

Born in ancient times of tyranny
Magic powers summon wings of steel
Eternal fire lights our destiny
Magic spells of fire broke the seal

We will stand by his side
Magic wings we will ride
Like a mighty flame
Over forest and hills
Thunder strikes when he flies
There is lightning in his eyes
The enchanted dragon of wisdom


Stars are shining, on a bright night
A hero is rising, guided by light
Fire, glorious fire,
Burning within his heart
In a land of mighty warriors,
Honour and glory, eternally
Wisdom, oh, holy wisdom,
Dwelling within his sword

Thousands of universes
Burn before my eyes
Tales of ancient prophecies
Came true and left again
History was carved anew
And lit the hope of men,
And the knights of twilight's might will rise again

For the power of the ancient force,
Stars are shining
Riding on the winds of light
Twilight force
Fighting with both hope and might
Glorious powers
Side by side we stand and fall
Twilight force

"For the urge to revive"

Eyes are burning bright, and we gaze
Into galaxies
And the distant skies are burning
Bright, so rise

"Lo and behold, I come to you, finally..."

Storms are coming, from the mountain
Casting a shadow, on fate of men
Higher, fly higher and higher
Victorious whispering winds
He raised his sword in furious anger,
A strike of lightning struck at his side
That night, the unholy forcelord,
Fell by the hand of light

Thousands of universes burn before my eyes
Tales of ancient prophecies
Came true and left again
History was carved anew
And lit the hope of men,
And the knights of twilight's might will rise again



The darkness is falling
The winds of power are calling
We fly on the wings of fate,
Towards the gate of shadows

Now, we are on our way
The fate of the world is in our hands
The stars will lead us, never deceive us,
On our quest for glory

Ride into the night,
So far from the light,
There is a power we must fight,
To rid the shadows from our lands

The power of the dragon,
Will guide us, to the twilight horizon
Ancient spirits whisper,
Of times, of honour and of pride
Come stand by my side and we will ride
With swords in our hands
Like thunder in the sky,
Our flame will never die

The warriors will gather,
And honour the dragons together
We cast our holy spell,
To end the hell, forever

Ride into the night,
So far from the light,
There is a power we must fight,
To rid the shadows from our lands



"We were in distress
Our dragons, though ancient and wise,
Had fallen into eternal slumber.
We were overpowered by the unspeakable
Creatures of the mountains and chasms.
But there was still hope.

It was once written,
That the destiny of man,
Was to be determined by this mere mortal.
Hence, he was summoned before our king"




Winter came without warning,
A cold misty breeze in the morning
Whirling ice, stinging eyes
A cold age of snow will arise
As the storm never ended,
We feared it was somehow defended
So in the cloak of a blizzard,
She appeared as foretold by the wizard

In the cover of darkness we will ride
To the eye of the storm
We must leave to ensure the balance
Of seasons restored

We will fly, together
We will ride, forever
'Til the spring will come again
We will fly, together
We will ride, forever
The sunlight is still far away
Flames of mighty dragons
Lighting up the skies,
A new day dawns
Of magic glory eternally

Through the cold misty mountains,
With the guidance of our lanterns
(The) Swirling white of her spirit,
Loosing strength, oh, we can feel it!
Winter winds torn apart,
By the fire in our hearts
All we had was our faith,
But it's all that you need in the night

In the cover of darkness we will ride
To the eye of the storm
We must leave to ensure the balance
Of seasons restored


We heard the tales of a land so far away
Our dream is to go there someday
A land where all evil is forever gone
Valleys and lakes under the eternal sun

My eyes deceive me,
My will is so strong
I leave this place behind
Ride the skies to a place so far away

On wings and winds we ride
Towards a land so green
Take me across the horizons
To the forest of destiny
When we reach that place,
So far beyond the sun
Where hopes and dreams come true,
In the forest of destiny

The reason for our dreams is untold
We longed for the day we could behold
On wings of dreams across our land
At last we stand hand in hand

My eyes deceive me,
My will is so strong
I leave this place behind
Ride the skies to a place so far away



"MY son, my hope,
You are to venture on a journey.
A journey filled with peril and agony.
Therefore I wish to aid you in any way possible.
Here. Take this ancient sword.
Forged in enchanted dragon flames
By the dwarves of twilight,
It is the only power alive
That can ever cast the shadow of the forcelord
Back into the pits of doom.
Go, my son. Make haste. Save us all.
Before the fire consumes us.
It has been foreseen."


I have sailed the seven seas,
Beneath the moon and the stars
I have rode across moors and plains,
Many battles I have fought and won

Made of steel
Forever we will ride
We will kneel
Together side by side
We are brave
For eternity
Raise your sword
For glory

Now the time has come, for me to leave
All the sorrows and the pain behind
So come with me, raise your shields
We'll march onwards, to the battlefield



Riding through the forest green,
With armour shining bright
A sword so old and powerful
A sign of hope and light

My horse so proud and beautiful,
A steed of finest breed
My heart so pure my mind so clear
A sword of magic steel

I've travelled far across the land,
I've seen both elves and dwarves
And dragon's tongue is known to me,
I've seen the distant shores
Lord of evil do pay heed,
Hear my mighty voice
I fear no shadows nor the pain,
The victory is mine


Gather my friends, I'll tell you my story
Of mountains and kings, and quests for our lord
Times of despair, without honour or glory
I fought with my steel, I believed in my sword

In a sphere of crystal we could see a sign of hope
And our flame was lit anew and we fought with
Regained strength

Riding on the wings of might
Thunder and lightning strikes from the skies
Shining flames of magic fire
Fighting for kingdom of honour and steel
Lord of evil do pay heed
Your dark realm of shadows has come to an end
Knights of twilights might will rise
Riding towards gates of glory

Hope in my heart, I set sail for a new world
Of light and peace, I had wandered so far
Finally here, at the end of my journey
I feel so revived, I feel so strong
Ancient tales of battles slowly leaving memories
Now we're all at ease, in our land of make believe


"..And as the magic was drained from the holy lands,
Ancient wisdom was awoken, and heroes from long ago
Whispered stories forgotten.."


Fields on fire, flames in the sky
Raging furious battlefield
And across the mountains, and across the valleys
Wailing cries of fear
Save us all
Mages, hearken the call
Arcane might will prevail
Journey through the astral plains to aid

For the fallen ones we will ride into the sky;
Riding over the rainbow's light
For the flames of magic we will rise again
In the battle of arcane might

Lightning bolts shoot across the skies
Storms of magic powerwinds
And the hordes of unlight
Dying by the hands of twilight
The kingdom was saved again

Saved by arcane might

Shadows, conquered and gone
Arcane might has prevailed
Magic hope and glory has returned



Bright skies in a land of peace
Light was shining over all
And on a hill, in a mighty castle
There, the dragonmages dwelled

And in times of fear they appeared,
Raining magic rainbows

Spells of twilight blaze through the sky
Magic wonder, mystic and bright
Glorious wind of time
Rising might high in the clouds
With the powerwind of light

Seasons changed but the mages remained
Forged through time and forged through fate
Until the day when the dragons cry out,
Then, the wizards will return

Blowing wind of destiny
Guarded by the prophecies



Sail across the oceans, ride on the waves
Guided by hope and starlight
Mystical powers leading our way
Forces of fire, shaping twilight

Od i mith tol i môr
Alagos o lamath

Storms in the skies striking fear in our eyes,
Hear our cry

Mighty dragon fly high, save us from the storm
Fly to the guardian star, rise again

Ancient glory shining, cast your spell
Guardian of the seas, rise again

Far across the oceans, far beyond the skies
Was a land of wonder, so glorious
Through dark waters and misty seas
We conquered our fears and rejoiced in tears

Guardian of the seas


Stormy seas, mystical waters, furious winds
Whirling clouds, blustering waves of rage

Balan gaear, tirnen an uir


Beria gaer


Over the field and over the glade,
Dwarven chants of glee
They finally found the key to the gate
The crystal dragon gate

Oh, behold the ancient crystal
Shining bright with magic light
With its power we will
Wake the dragon from eternal sleep

Fly far away over mountains and seas,
To the lands and kingdoms far beyond
Return with fire to the hall of might
Let the flames of the forge burn bright
So, behold the flight of the sapphire dragon,
Soaring through the skies once again

Dwarves on the forge,
Striking steel, merrily and proud
Crafting the sword from the tales
The sapphire dragon fulfilled their destiny
The destiny of steel



Rain in the dark pouring down
Winds in the night, howling screams
Ancient spirits whisper of raging souls
Stormlight's bane closing in

End of time, end of fate

Night is fading all around
And the hourglass of time is running out

Voyage in time to begin the rebirth of life

Wings over fallen skies
Wings over distant lands
Stars passing by through ages and time
Far away into the past, there and back again
Carry on until the end
Over mountains, valleys, stormclouds
Over oceans of time we fly

Sparks of life, sparks of hope
Embers of the past burst into the flames
Power of the lifestream glowing bright
The sun and the moon reunites

Time restored forevermore


Now light has returned to glory, returned to life
Now spirits of life will rise again; rise from the ashes
We saved our world, we travelled through ancient times,
There and back again and now we fly back home

Far away in a land beyond lies our hope so bright
So take my hand and fly away over the rainbow's light
Over mountains, valleys, stormclouds,
Over oceans of time, we fly

The spirits of life returned to the magic lands to restore time and light. Poems and songs were written and sung throughout the kingdoms, and a new chapter appeared in the book of time. Eternal was the magic of the stars, and glory was born anew from the crystals of destiny.



Tales of a mighty order. Echoes from the past
Ancient legend of a kingdom in a time of need
Riding high, riding fast. Riding for the glory
Forces of mighty riders, heroes on noble steeds

Guardians of the kingdom far beyond
Defenders of the light of dawn

Run, we will run with the power of the sun
Ride with speed of might
Ride, we will ride with the power far and wide
Riders of the dawn
Run, we will run with the power of the sun
Ride with hope and might
Ride, we will ride with the power far and wide
Riders of the dawn

Roaming over grasslands, roaming over plains
Fighting legendary creatures to protect the realm
Far and near, all around; horizons fading
Darkness descending, it will soon be upon us all

Spawns of unlight, titans from the past
The time has come for light to shine



Fire reigned over valleys and vales
Barriers of might were fading
Lost, forgotten and sealed,
The wisdom was drained,
The emerald paled
Stormy clouds, shrouding the sunlight

A star was born, a spark from the stone
And a bright light shone upon the walls
A wizard of might, appeared in the night
Behold the staff of light

Legends told of the mighty ancient knights
Once turned to stone
And awaiting the wizard's return

Knights of twilight's might
The spell is broken
Rise for freedom, march for glory

Riding the winds to the edge of the world,
Across the horizon, to eternity
And the knights of twilight's might;
Wielding shining starlight
Guardians of kingdoms, keepers of fate

A new day dawns over forests and lakes
Glorious rays of sunlight
Blue skies and a new horizon,
Dragons soaring higher
Prophecies came true,
The curse was finally broken

Take my hand, fly away
To the skies and far beyond
The wizard of might, shined so bright,
The kingdom was restored

Knights of twilight's might
The spell is broken
Rise for freedom, march for glory



I take a ride on my mighty steed
A steed of finest breed
Fighting the trolls with a mighty sword
A sword of magic steel

Sunlight shining, birds in the sky
People living peacefully
In the village lived a little boy;
Dreamed of kingdoms far away

And on a night, a stormy night, he lost his way
In the storm he saw his destiny,
So he left to heed the prophecy

Journey through time and horizons
Rise of a hero
Guided by fate and his burning heart
He will be the king of hope and might
He will be the heir of the dragon king

Over the valleys over the seas
Riding for his legacy

Armed with a sword, a magic sword,
He fought his way, on a mighty steed of destiny
And the prophecy will lead his way



A burning star on the horizon,
Illuminates the moon for the destiny of fate
As the prophecy of wisdom, unfolds before our eyes,
And the everlasting flames are burning higher
Time has come, and we must be on our way
Before the magic star is lost

Whispering shadows
Calling your name, calling your name
Leading you to the star
Come, fly away over golden fields of dreams
To worlds far beyond

With the power of starlight, power of hope
Journey past the skies
With a burning fire in our hearts
We will travel to the stars

Bleak and grim horizons looming
Dark misty plains now lies ahead
For the sake of hope and magic
We have to carry on
For the destiny of starlight we must fly

Star of the twilight
Calling your name, calling your name
Leading you to your fate
Now, we will fly over golden fields of dreams
To worlds far beyond

As they flew over sparking skies they became one with the stars



Starlight, magical night
Moonlight shining bright

Shadows flickering in the light,
An old sage calling a name
A name, as ancient as time and the stars,
A sign of light and peace
The name rang through the cold night,
The earth trembled with fear
They came from the shadows; heroes of might

Marching for the glory
Light is on our side
Riding for the starlight

Once in a land, when dragons ruled the skies
Rainbows of life and bliss triumph in our hearts

Ath i taur a beleg mith si tirnen an i gilgalad

Ride for the light, fire and might
Shine through the night
Fight to defend the glorious kingdom
Raise your steel
For the king, for the wind,
The heroes of mighty magic will shine on

Far away, now on their way
Heroes riding brave
Filled with courage and glory
They rode into a storm
Evil creatures crept up behind,
Spawn of the black stars aligned
Shadows engulfing the sunlight
Prepare for war

Into the battle they rode,
Warhorses pounding the ground
Elven arrows fly, piercing the air like the wind
The wizard of mystical force
Enchanting the heroes of might
Enchanted dragon of wisdom
Scorching the enemy lines

Carry on, heroes of mighty magic
Fate of the world rides with you

Dû or ambar
Gûr or dúnedain
I menel Ihedin or


And thus, the heroes of mighty magic had been summoned to defend the Twilight Kingdoms once again. Their victories were countless, and their might unparalleled.
They found themselves at the shorelines of Aeloria, where they were guided onwards, into the shadows, and eternal glory

Crying out for freedom
Crying to the sky
Ride on winds of ancient wisdom
Pride in their hearts

Râd an dolen fili
Im dû ned i raug
Crist i aur a manadh
Tog ti bâr



-Wake up!

Time is of the essence! I must entrust you with what little I know before, before I must depart. There may be a time where our paths cross again, but for now, you must only listen, and heed.

There is... still hope. There are a few that remain. A few who can still bring order to the chaos, light to dark, turn despair into glory.

The elder wizards once knew of the prophecies. They are inscribed in riddles and serpent tongue, in the ancient forgotten tomes in the deepest of the arcane libraries of Winterreach. I have seen them with my own eyes!

I tried to decipher the ancient conundrums and incantations, I tried so hard! But for every secret that was unravelled before my eyes, two more stood at my doorstep.

For what seemed like aeons I worked relentlessly. I was at the brink of madness many a time, and almost succumbed to the arcane forces unleashed. One day, I finally found myself on the verge of unfolding monumental mysteries, when, when they...

And now, they have abolished me! The Arcane Tribunal deemed my studies..wretched and vile! Curse them! Let the wrath of the Netherrealm be upon their creaking bones! I have not devoted my life to mundane sorcery to please cowards and weaklings!

We must proceed with what has begun. The wheels of fate are already spinning, and we cannot bide any longer. We are on our own, and splendour shall follow in our wake.

So now, hearken. Ever since the Order of the Seven Flames perished, and the Dragon Fathers forgathered in the Gharad Mountains; they are, albeit mighty beyond mortal comprehension, the only thing that now stands in the way of the brooding calamity in Khrond, and the only solace to the people of the Twilight Kingdoms.
A bleak comfort indeed.

The life force in the Glades of Lithôe are already dwindling, and the octarine luster in the Forest of Destiny is waning. I have beheld it, and I have felt it. It will soon be upon us.

The prophecies however, spoke of the crystal bearers. Chosen heroes of starlight, born for the glory of the Kingdoms. The guardians of man, elf and dwarf, and the protectors of the realms.

They shall rise when times are dire, and come bearing arcane light and the wrath of dragons. One hero shall arise from every kingdom, and with him, a celestial crystal echoing his name. They are the Twilight Force.

They remain nameless throughout the grimoires and tomes, and none speak of their whereabouts or origin. I have searched far and wide, over mountains and seas, through the voids of magicka and the voices of time, and finally, I now know. I have seen their visions, and I have felt their presence.

One is a wood elf. A swift and cunning woodland ranger with his heart in the trees and his spirit on the seas.
Another is the one rightful heir to the Emerald Throne. A gallant and mighty warrior on his path to his destiny. A boy at mind, and a true king at heart.
The third is a venerable forest whisperer, a mystic herbalist with the gift of beast speech.
The fourth is a half-elf of clandestine nature. With an obsidian will and a silent mind, he is the shadow death.
The fifth is an enigma indeed. I had trouble discerning its life force through my visions. And I was transfixed by the power of its spirit. I felt surges of malicious contempt, as well as waves of cosmic insight and primordial wisdom. A truly intriguing being of eldritch descent.

And, my friend… I, unbeknownst to me until the last full moon, is the last crystal bearer. That is why I now, in the eleventh hours, come to you. I must seek out the bearers, and the crystals must be unearthed. And you, must in return fulfil your oaths.
The Knights of Twilight’s Might must gather and rise.


Rise for glory and for the wind
And for the dragons high in the sky
The banners of twilight leading the way
To freedom for the brave
Rise for mountains mighty and proud
And for the magic stars in the night
The dragons of triumph leading the way
To glory for the brave
Over the land, over the sea, dawns a shining light
Gleams in the haze forging magic rainbows of victory
With heroes and kings we stand unite,
With the brave Twilight Force
Victorious and gallant,
Are the Knights of Twilight‘s Might

Twilight force on spotify


Tales of Ancient Prophecies

9/10 Metal Forever
77/100 Ragherrie
8/10 Monkey Castle Rock
13/15 Twilight Magazin
4/5 All Around Metal
86/100 Metallized
8.5/10 Metallus
7/10 El Portal del Metal
Mean: 70,30%

Heroes of Mighty Magic

99/5 :) David Steward (YouTube)
8/10 Distorted Sound Magazine
8/10 Dreaming Metal Muse
4.5/6 Eternal Terror webzine
- MaxxxwellC (YouTube)
98% The Metal Archives
8/10 Metal Inside
4/5 Metal Riot
8.2/10 Metal Storm
6/10 Metal Temple
86/100 Metal Winds
4.5/5 Sea of Tranquility

Other Languages
7.5/10 & 8/10 Metal Forever & Metal Man
- BlastBeast
83/100 Ragherrie
- Wings of Death
5/5 NEW:be subjective!
7/10 Metal 1
6/7 Metal News
- negatief
4/5 All Around Metal
8.5/10 Heavy Metal Magazine
75/100 Metallized
7/10 SpazioRock
9.9/10 Marunouchi Muzik Magazine
7.5/10 Heavy Metal Music + More
8,5/10 A Música Continua a Mesma
8,5/10 Arte Metal
9.5/10 Rock on Stage
3/5 El Portal del Metal
- Made in Metal
6.7/10 Radio WOM

Mean: 83.61%

Special Releases

Record Store Day - Sverige 2016 7''

A side: Gates of Glory
B side: Eagle Fly Free (Helloween cover)

Nuclear Blast 30 Years anniversary 7LP BOX GOLD/GR

LP 4 Side B: Powerwind

Tales of Ancient Prophecies Splatter Blue/White - vinyl Limited Edition 300 copies (8th December 2017)